« These outsiders just hurried into the forest to tear gold out of it! »

Barbara Crane Navarro

«Us, we are different. We have never thought of sending our people onto the white people’s land to destroy everything without saying a word!

White people may find themselves very clever, but their thought remains set on these bad things they always covet. It is also because of these things that they mistreat all those who stand in their way.

They dig in the bed of water sources and destroy the hills to look for gold.

Since the white people surrounded us, they have constantly destroyed us with their diseases and weapons.

They are the ones who are truly fierce!»

  • Yanomami spokesman and shaman Davi Kopenawa

“The smoke of the xawara epidemic killing a Yanomami community” – drawing on paper: Anoami Yanomami / Yanomami holding the remains of their dead after their family was massacred by gold miners in Haximu – photo: C Zacquini (detail)

Gold mining and the indiscriminate…

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