Should you wait for Valentine’s Day to celebrate Love?

Exhortations With Shazzy

If you love, if you trust, if you feel the tenderness and if you can find the true happiness then everyday is a valentine’s day. Love can’t be confined to dates neither can be within the limits of a week or a day, it’s a life-long pleasure if you are positive enough. You can celebrate love everyday or whenever you want to. You can just make Valentines a little extraordinary because, ‘yeah’, everyone wish to celebrate it at least once in a while but we do not need a particular day to celebrate love.

The bible defines love as one of the fruits of the Spirit.ove comes out naturally as you constantly choose to love unconditionally.


Looking at life from a very practical perspective, love should be celebrated continuously. Simply because each day is filled with it’s own share of drudgery. Like valentine’s day, we have some special days…

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