My feminism


Hello my people. I know that I said a (freakishly) short time ago that I am on hiatus due to the fact that I am writing a ✨book✨. However, I ended up finishing the writing extremely fast (I couldn’t stop once I started, much to the disgruntlement of my parents, hehe). Ze publishing will take place later.

And so, I am back!

Yay! (I missed my blogue).

And I have finally decided to write something based on feminism, seeing as I am the feministwriterwhogoesmeh!

So many exclamation marks!

My friend sent me a video yesterday. It was a woman explaining feminism to people who didn’t identify as feminists. Here it is:

And then my friend reminisced about a time when our history teacher asked our class the following question:

How many of you identify as feminists?

And guess what?

I was the only person in the entire class to raise…

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