COVID and Pregnancy


As I’ve written before, COVID is the gift that keeps on giving.

A multinational study compares the experiences of pregnant women who have contracted the virus with pregnant women at the same hospitals who did not have the virus. The results aren’t for the faint of heart:

Compared to their peers, pregnant women with COVID are:

  • 20 times more likely to die.
  • More likely to need ICU care and a ventilator.
  • More likely to have issues with blood pressure (preeclampsia).

In addition, 11.5% of babies born to these mothers tested positive for COVID at birth. The study doesn’t report on what happened to these infected newborns.

On the positive side, the report maintains that pregnant women aren’t more likely to catch COVID than other women. Just when they do, the risks are much higher.

The report also notes that obesity and high blood pressure are contributing factors to severe cases.

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