Not Rasputin


A man once said, “True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing”. We are talking about Socrates, the great Greek philosopher (470 BCE to 399 BCE). He died defending his ideas and beliefs adamantly before the law. Ironically, he fought that he knew he knew nothing.

He knew he knew nothing? Nothing? Which dimension are we talking in?

Once, an oracle announced, that no one is wiser than Socrates. Baffled by this news, Socrates went on a search to find someone wiser than him, to prove his friend wrong 😆. As you might have guessed, he never found one.

Socrates himself wrote nothing, his ideas were spread by his small circle of followers. His admirers consider him as a man of great insight, wisdom, and analytic skills. I am mostly fascinated by the events leading to his death. (Rasputin, you listening? )

Searching for the truths of the universe…

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Diego Rivera, o marido de Frida Kahlo — Culturalizando

Frida Kahlo teve uma vida muito sofrida, além de suas deficiências físicas graças a um acidente, ainda acabou casando com Diego Rivera um homem que trouxe bastante sofrimento a Frida, principalmente após traí-la com a irmã dela (clique aqui para ver a biografia de Frida Kahlo). Diego María de la Concepción Juan Nepomuceno Estanislao de […]

Diego Rivera, o marido de Frida Kahlo — Culturalizando

Oregon lawmaker who let far-right demonstrators into Capitol charged with criminal misconduct –

An Oregon lawmaker who let violent far-right demonstrators into the state Capitol during a Dec. 21 special session was criminally charged on Friday with first-degree official misconduct and second-degree criminal trespass.

Rep. Mike Nearman, R-Independence, was caught on security videos opening a door and allowing demonstrators to enter the building. He had been under investigation since at least January for enabling the breach.

Source: Oregon lawmaker who let far-right demonstrators into Capitol charged with criminal misconduct –


Way back in 2016 Donald Trump had a big lie in his back pocket. It was about how the ACA was a social security benefit and was therefore being paid for from the taxes of those who worked for the benefit of all the undocumented immigrants and people of colour. The lie was ACA had to go and would be replaced by another system designed by the Republicans which would be much better. The PINO (President In Name Only) did not allow for the fact that many Republican voters liked the ACA and didn’t want it to end. They got their wish since 4 years later the plan still stood and no other plan had been put forward to replace it. Source: PARTY FEALTY. | The BUTHIDARS

Walk into May

Grounds For Hope

Birds chirping, dancing, 
Nesting on the trees.
Flowers in the garden 
Blossoms and fresh breeze. 

Hepatica everywhere, violet, white and blue
Waves gracious goodbye,
Awakens Elfin thyme to come through.

Unbroken, untouched, inviolate. 
Hiding among faded leaves, 
Covered the forest floor wild sweet Violet,
Proudly stands without greaves. 

Heart-shaped leaves of wild Ginger
Shaded away under trees. 
Hide from the sun, fear of danger
Whisper to the wind “Weee-weee.”

Stubborn Dandelions
Blow kisses to bees,
Attract them with sweet nectar,
Make some of us sneeze.

An elegant, naïve Dicentra, 
Silently weeping next to a tree.
With a bleeding heart, she is no longer central
Cause prickled Rose is the trustee.

Butterflies flutter around
Greeting each flower. 
Their love so profound
Wings of hope and mighty power.	

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US investigates instances of ″Havana syndrome″ among diplomats | News | DW | 30.04.2021 (Me: could this actually be USA spyware causing the illnesses?)

The US is investigating mysterious radio energy injuries in diplomats in Cuba, which causes sickness and brain damage. The attacks have occured in Cuba, Russia, and China.

Source: US investigates instances of ″Havana syndrome″ among diplomats | News | DW | 30.04.2021