What did life teach us so far?|زندگی تاکنون به ما چه آموخته است؟

Life lessons with a smile…

A Voice from Iran

188th story

Stimulating research was running about;

“What have you learned from life so far?”

The interesting answers were:

  • I shouldn’t have lived a day without saying “I Love You” to my wife. (61 years old)

  • I shouldn’t go to the supermarket when I am hungry. (38 years old)
  • Opening the juice box from the opposite side that says open from here, is more manageable. (54 years old)
  • Never walk on ice when your hands are in your pocket. (12 years old)

  • Two people can look at the same thing at the same time but understand two different meanings. (20 years old)
  • When my mother says “Let’s see” means “No.” (7 years old)
  • I can’t be dusting the album shelf, without looking at the pictures. (42 years old)

  • Most of the things I was worried about in my life never happened. (64 years old)
  • I do a job perfect when…

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