I’m With You

Politically Poetic

 I will be with you always,
 Your air, your sun, your rain.
  I will think about you always
  You have found a way to put me in chains.
  I will be near you always.
  Be your spark and your lights
  that shines the steps when it gets dark, 
  that illuminates your dreams and wishes,
  and gives you the courage to get up.
 I will be with you always.
 Greet the sunrise
  With a gentle hug and greeting of Good Morning,
  with coffee and a crisp French croissant.
  I will be with you always.
  On the days when you feel blue,
  I will be near to cheer you.
  There is sadness without you.
  There is loneliness when you are not close
  I will be with you always. 

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