I’m With You

Grounds For Hope

 I will be with you always,
 Your air, your sun, your rain.
  I will think about you always
  You have found a way to put me in chains.
  I will be near you always.
  Be your spark and your lights
  that shines the steps when it gets dark, 
  that illuminates your dreams and wishes,
  and gives you the courage to get up.
 I will be with you always.
 Greet the sunrise
  With a gentle hug and greeting of Good Morning,
  with coffee and a crisp French croissant.
  I will be with you always.
  On the days when you feel blue,
  I will be near to cheer you.
  There is sadness without you.
  There is loneliness when you are not close
  I will be with you always. 

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2 vaccine doses better than 1 in preventing COVID-19 hospitalization, study says – National | Globalnews.ca

The U.S. Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) study found that a single dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna vaccine is 64 per cent effective against hospitalizations in adults over 65 years of age. That number leaps to 94 per cent at least 14 days after a second dose of the same vaccines. Source: 2 vaccine doses better than 1 in preventing COVID-19 hospitalization, study says – National | Globalnews.ca

Bhuto’s Banyan Tree

delightful tale

Weekend Stories by Trishikh

On a chilly December morning, as the first rays of sunlight pierced through the veil of fog created by the condensing water vapour rising from the forgotten Adi Ganga river passing nearby, it revealed the silhouette of a massive and ancient banyan tree the likes of which perhaps nowhere else could anyone find. The golden beams of the sun darted through the few gaps in the mighty banyan’s enormous and thick foliage to cast down a mosaic of dancing and dazzling yellow shapes on the green and brown earth below and the smoking river surface.

The dawning rays further unveiled a crumbling and archaic Hindu temple of thin and exposed skeletal bricks, fifty metres from the old banyan, covered in sprouting wild vegetation, housing a unique deity of Goddess Kali made of eight rare metals, worshipped by the villagers every day.

The deity was believed to be very powerful and…

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Anti-Vaxxer Hijacks QR Codes at COVID-19 Check-In Sites | Threatpost – Austraila

Quick-response (QR) codes used by a COVID-19 contact-tracing program were hijacked by a man who simply slapped up scam QR codes on top to redirect users to an anti-vaccination website, according to local police.

He now faces two counts of “obstructing operations carried out relative to COVID-19 under the Emergency Management Act,” the South Australia Police said in a statement announcing the arrest. His arrest may just be a drop in the bucket: Reports of other anti-vax campaigners doing the same thing abound.

Source: Anti-Vaxxer Hijacks QR Codes at COVID-19 Check-In Sites | Threatpost

Relacionamento Abusivo II

Pensamentos.me/VEM comigo!

“O relacionamento abusivo é aquele, onde se manifestada o desejo de controle que um parceiro tem sobre outro .”

Marii Freire Pereira.

Em toda relação existirá problemas, independentemente dela ser abusiva ou não. É bom procurar esclarecer isso. Agora, eu vou falar aqui, algumas características que você pode identificar como aquilo que representa abuso do parceiro em relação ao outro. Lembrando que homem e mulher têm o mesmo tipo de conduta quando se trata de relacionamento abusivo. Primeiro, quem é o abusador? É ” O príncipe ” por quem você se apaixonou. Ele é exatamente aquela figura revestida de ternura que, na maioria das vezes, se fazia de ” cavalheiro”, só que com o tempo, ele se transformou. E aí vem a pergunta, isso aconteceu da noite para o dia? Não. Na verdade, isso começou com gestos pequenos e a mulher não deu a devida importância . Veja, se esse…

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Relacionamento Abusivo

Pensamentos.me/VEM comigo!

” Não isente um abusador da culpa.” Acredite: ele sabe como te manipular de um jeito que você não percebe. E, se perceber, muitas vezes não reage por medo de perdê-lo.
É comum no relacionamento, a mulher pensar que a culpa sobre o insucesso deste, possa vir apartir de sua conduta, por exemplo. Porém, existe um detalhe que poucas questionam, que é justamente a maneira de agir do manipulador emocional.

Marii Freire Pereira
https://pensamentos.me/ VEM comigo!
Imagem (Arquivo pessoal)
Santarém, Pá 29 de Abril de 2021

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COVID-19 vaccine prioritisation for people with disabilities – The Lancet Public Health

People with disabilities have not been adequately included in the COVID-19 response, resulting in pandemic-related inequities,1 but also reflecting deeper social injustice and exclusion. At this inflection point in the pandemic, commitment to advancing health equity for the remainder of the vaccine rollout and beyond is paramount. For people with disabilities, this goal can only be achieved through improved approaches to tracking disability disparities and prioritising partnerships with the disability community. As the so-called new normal is envisioned, the disability community must no longer be an afterthought.

Source: COVID-19 vaccine prioritisation for people with disabilities – The Lancet Public Health

Are older people with disabilities neglected in the COVID-19 pandemic? – The Lancet Public Health

The study suggests that people with disabilities have a narrower margin of health, and are more susceptible to shocks than people without disabilities. The relevant question is therefore not why were the mental health impacts of the pandemic greater for people with disabilities, but rather, why did existing mental health gaps grow further during the pandemic? We do not yet have firm answers, but we can put forward a number of hypotheses.
People with physical disabilities are likely to have an underlying condition, such as rheumatoid arthritis or stroke. Many of these are conditions that put people at higher risk from COVID-19.

Health messaging in the UK clearly stated that most people who died from COVID-19 had pre-existing conditions. This messaging could translate into anxiety. In the ELSA study, people with physical disabilities were more likely to have received instructions to shield during the pandemic, and even without official instruction, might have decided to be cautious, realising that they faced increased risk. As a result, social contacts will have been reduced more among people with disabilities than among people without disabilities, as Steptoe and Di Gessa show,

and shielding did in part explain the effects on loneliness among people with disabilities.

Source: Are older people with disabilities neglected in the COVID-19 pandemic? – The Lancet Public Health