Eat to live


Eat to live; do not live to eat. I'm not talking about a preference like rice or wheat. Of course, everyone has likes and dislikes. But, it cannot be only cakes going down your pipes. The desires of the flesh, one must control and defeat. I mean - don't be too rigid like dried up concrete. One can have a preference. Along with a palate endurance. Because, controlling bodily desires. Teaches us to be at peace and reach higher. Food is but nutrition. Health should be a deciding intention. Then consider the heart of the person offering. Is it all they've got to offer; is it from a hand that's loving? More than anything, food must be respected. It is something that must never be wasted. Many do not get even a few grains in a day. So remember those unfortunate souls when you dislike your buffet. It is not…

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