Don’t Stand in a Shade

Politically Poetic

Don’t stand in a shade and continue to complain 
 That sun isn’t bright, that sun isn’t shining. 
 If you look in a glass, you ought to see
 Your world is trampled in fear of you frowning. 
 This is the chance, this is your calling
 Don’t let the danger fear you.
 Just like Chinese weiji has two meanings, 
 Within a danger lies opportunity.
 This is your chance, and it has power, 
 Just like an empty hook can catch a fish.
 Unknown path is like a meteor shower, 
 A strong statement for those who take risks. 
 Put your heart, mind and soul 
 Even to your smallest act.
 Never stop dreaming and keep forward, 
 Correct the frown and make an impact. 

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