2nd Vaccine Dose

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I’m relieved to say that my husband and I have received our second vaccine doses. He of course is feeling no side effects. I however have a few. In addition to a small rash again at the injection site and feeling like someone punched me in the arm, I got a vicious migraine about four hours after getting home from the doctors, which thankfully has lessened quite a bit today, and I’m a bit achy and extremely tired. Honestly though, I’m not complaining. These are side effects that I don’t mind at all as opposed to getting Covid-19. I’m sharing Chris Mann’s latest parody where he’s embracing his inner teen girl who’s just been vaccinated. While, I’m far from my teen years, and I’m definitely still going to be wearing a mask and social distancing indoors, I can definitely attest to the relief that two little shots can bestow.


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