The uglification of uptown Kingston

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Earth Day was three days ago. I often write and comment on the beauty of our island and the many challenges it faces – climate change, deforestation, and environmental degradation of all kinds. But, solutions there are, if only someone would listen; but they are in a great hurry.

As I write, bulldozers are at work in a section of Hanover, destroying mangroves and coastal forest; apparently, this is to build a new large hotel. And when I say large, I am talking 2,000 rooms. While this is happening, Prime Minister Andrew Holness is making speeches at the United Nations, asserting that small island developing states like ours need more funds to help combat climate change. (I am sure we are aware that mangroves are a bulwark against the impact of climate change? Didn’t the National Environment and Planning Agency tell us so?)

But I digress. I am writing…

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