Enthusiasm for dance in China – seniors around the world

However, it was by chance that we discovered the great interest that many Chinese people have in dancing in general. We were looking for our hotel in the Wangfujing Dajie in Beijing in the dark when I heard loud radio music. I followed the music and saw a group of people in a small square on a side street who, according to a speaker, were doing certain dance steps. When some of the group saw my interest, they gestured to invite me to join. I would have liked to have done that too, but my husband finally wanted to go to the hotel because we had just had a tiring long-haul flight behind us.

Since we stayed in Beijing for a few days, we had enough time to look around and repeatedly discovered locals in different parks who danced to the music on cassette recorders or the radio. They were mostly well-known standard and Latin American dances, as they are danced here and in many other countries. 

Source: Enthusiasm for dance in China – seniors around the world