10 Self Care Ideas


  1. Checkin with yourself, track your thoughts
  2. Mute your mind and let your heart speak
  3. Schedule your time to be alone when you need
  4. Stop comparing to other’s and their stories
  5. Nurture your feelings with the music you love
  6. Schedule a call with those whom you can share your thoughts and memories
  7. Your bestever person who listens to you with patience is your Mom and Dad keep them in first place always
  8. Be silly, Crazy, Flirty if you are kind of a person, for sure it’s a great way and can divert a stressed mind and give some relaxation
  9. Know your limits, control your thoughts and be choosy on what makes you happy
  10. Last but not least, prioratize yourself to make difference by being different

Care yourself to care others

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