Recipe : Spicy Masala Khichdi


This is the second time in my entire life I ate khichdi and the first time I cooked this dish ever. I am so happy with the outcome, that I really want to pat myself on the back. The first time was somewhere in 2012 when I was conducting an audit on a flight and one of the crew let me taste her khichdi. After that spoon, I decided never to even attempt such a dish. But a few weeks ago, a friend mentioned something about paalak{spinach} khichdi and I felt the urge to try making a khichdi at least once in my lifetime. So, I asked my mum and read few recipes and decided I won’t do the normal hospital-patient type of porridge styled khichdi. I’m neither a toddler nor an old person who needs mush. I decided to make it my own way. Basically, I made it non-mushy…

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