Soni's thoughts

Helloo hellooooo holaaaa sayonaaraaa…How u all doing?? Kinda adjusted with this corona!!! No options right!Today i am gonna share a weirdo part of me with you all…yeah dont giggle friends…😁😁There are 2 kind of people normally…EXTROVERTSINTROVERTS

Extroverts are those who are full smart, confident, cool, bindaas, easy to mingle with, love to be around loads of people etc…Likewise Introverts are totally opposite…(antonym to extrovert as per dictionary😉)They are shy, reserved, quiet, live in their own world, not much expressive, dont like to roam around crowd…Guess what?? I am neither of them but half extro and half intro one so i named myself Semi Introvert, better… (sounds funny right?)Hmmm what to do, i am like that and i love myself and loving the social distancing to some extent😉So friends here presents theSEMI-INTROVERT=> SUNITA NANDA Urff SONI AND HER WAYS😎

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