Dream ~ One Voice Children’s Choir — By Hook Or By Book

Deep in our dreams where the whispers are real. Words softly spoken, voices we feel. Calling us higher than we’ve ever flown, Giving us wings to a world yet unknown. Just dream come with me and dream! Putting all the fears behind you, tears that blind you, Chains that make you scream… Just dream. The […]

Dream ~ One Voice Children’s Choir — By Hook Or By Book

À caça da demência no consultório: novo teste promete resultado em minutos – Mágica Mistura✨

Scientists at Kanazawa University in Japan are perfecting the way to investigate impaired  memory  and reasoning: they created a computerized test done in the doctor’s office that gives good clues to cognitive setbacks and  dementia

Source: À caça da demência no consultório: novo teste promete resultado em minutos – Mágica Mistura✨

Recipe : Spicy Masala Khichdi

Inhale Peace; Exhale Love. Joy will Follow! - RUELHA

This is the second time in my entire life I ate khichdi and the first time I cooked this dish ever. I am so happy with the outcome, that I really want to pat myself on the back. The first time was somewhere in 2012 when I was conducting an audit on a flight and one of the crew let me taste her khichdi. After that spoon, I decided never to even attempt such a dish. But a few weeks ago, a friend mentioned something about paalak{spinach} khichdi and I felt the urge to try making a khichdi at least once in my lifetime. So, I asked my mum and read few recipes and decided I won’t do the normal hospital-patient type of porridge styled khichdi. I’m neither a toddler nor an old person who needs mush. I decided to make it my own way. Basically, I made it non-mushy…

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A Good Cop’s Perspective


Filosofa's Word

Last night, I came across an Opinion piece in The Washington Post, written by a police officer that really impressed me.  Halfway through reading the article, I was saying, “Oh yeah … this guy really gets it!”  The officer is Patrick Skinner, working on the police force in his hometown of Savannah, Georgia.  Officer Skinner is a former CIA operations officer and served in the United States Coast Guard as well as the U.S. Capitol Police, so he has a broad base of experience in law enforcement.  The man knows of what he speaks …

I’m a cop. The Chauvin verdict is a message for me, and for my colleagues.

Police officers can’t be defensive. We owe it to those we serve to change policing — and slow down.

by Patrick Skinner

I was at work as a police officer when the judge announced the jurors’ verdict Tuesday…

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Costa Rica hits new daily record of COVID-19 infections | The Mighty 790 KFGO | KFGO

Costa Rica on Saturday registered 1,830 new COVID-19 infections, its highest daily increase since the start of the pandemic, with space for the most critical patients at public hospitals nearly full, health authorities said.

There have been 238,760 cases and 3,143 deaths from COVID-19 in the Central American country of 5 million people, whose tourism-driven economy has been hit by the pandemic’s toll on global travel.

“We are living through the darkest health moment of Costa Rica in modern times,” Health Minister Daniel Salas said in a televised address to the nation.

He added that the 125 beds in intensive care units allocated for severe COVID-19 cases are 94% full, and said the remaining space could be filled in the coming days.

Salas said cars could no longer be on the road from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. as a measure to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, but authorities would not impose a stricter lockdown to avoid hurting the economy.

“We have to take into account that people need to work,” Salas said, noting that government resources to disburse financial aid were depleted last year.

Source: Costa Rica hits new daily record of COVID-19 infections | The Mighty 790 KFGO | KFGO

الكلام الطيب

حلم الدرويش

الكلمة مفتاح القلوب ورسالة الأفكار بين المُتكلم والسامع , يُمكن أن تُسر بها النفوس وتنشرح لها القلوب ويبقى بها أثر طيب لمدة طويلة , وكذلك تستطيع الكلمة أن تزرع فى نفوس الناس بُذور البغضاء والكراهية والخصام وتُغلق القلوب والأبواب وتُفرق الإخوان والأحباب . الكلمة الطيبة كالعطر جميل الرائحة يتعطر بها صاحبها وتنساب من فمه فتُعطر الأماكن وآذان المستمعين وتربت على القلوب وتُلطف الحوار , تَحصُل بها على ما ترغب فيه فتُقرب ما هو بعيد وتُيسر الصعاب وتفتح الطريق وتُذلل الأسباب لبلوغ كل الغايات والأغراض الصعبة . الكلمة تُعطى الشخص المكانة فى القلوب فترفع من تقديره أو تخفض من مكانته , وهو يملكها ما لم يتكلَّم بها فإذا خرجت من فم إنسان ملكته .

الكلمة الطيبة والكلمة الخبيثة

تأثير الكلمة فى الأديان

تَلقى الأنبياء رسالة الأديان ونقلوها للناس عن طريق الكلمة والوحى الإلهى فكانت الكُتب المُقدسة وتعاليم الأنبياء كلمات تُنير الطريق لهداية البشر للإيمان بوجود إله خالق كل شىء ومُسيطر على…

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