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Now the ground is neither a sticky mud bath nor a slippery ice rink accident waiting to happen I went up to the forest on Sunday. Amazing how many trees had fallen down over winter. It’s peaceful up there.


The chatter of the ghosts
A haunting silhouette
The echoes of distant voices
An orchestral violin quartet

From this cave of constant twilight
I see a red sunset
The hurricane is over
It’s nearly time to reset
The rules and regulations
The needles and vaccine
The masks, the bubbles, the distancing
The whole monotonous routine

Outside, upgraded video
Inside, a shadow’s monochrome
When yesterday becomes tomorrow
The door opens and we roam

I’m featuring the work of another artist this week. Fifi Rong is her name. As her write-up explains, ‘Fifi is a London-based vocalist, songwriter and electronic music producer. A ground-breaking artist, she is the first to succeed…

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