PT Boats – August 1945

Pacific Paratrooper

PT boat operating at Guadalcanal

In mid August, 30 squadrons of PT’s were in commission.  Nineteen were in the 7th Fleet.

Admiral Kinkaid could not foresee a need for patrol boats around Japan and Korea, so The 7th Fleet boats became the Motor Torpedo Boat Squadrons Philippine Sea Frontier.  The shooting was over but there were still jobs where they could be useful.

25-26 August – at Morotai, 16 PT’s under Lt.Comdr. T.R. Stansbury and Gen. Johnson got underway for a rendezvous with the commanders of the Japanese forces on Halmahera.  The Japanese commanding general was not there. That was unacceptable.

PT boat w/ native scouts aboard
(possibly PT-171)

The following day, BGen. Warren McNaught went with 6 PT boats and this time Lt.Gen. Ishii and Capt. Fujita, IJN commander were waiting.  The boats carried them to the 93rd Div. headquarters on Morotai.  It was here that they surrendered 37,000…

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2 thoughts on “PT Boats – August 1945”

  1. Thanks, Ned. The Patrol Boats tend to get ignored when people think of the Navy during WWII. They seem to think JFK’s PT-109 is the whole story behind them.

    1. I remember seeing John Wayne’s refurbished PT boat that he kept in Newport, CA and occasionally took down to Ensenada, Baja California to hang out and go deep sea fishing. I saw it running in both places.

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