Unarmed Man Shot by Deputy While on 911 Call, Officials Say – The New York Times

Mr. Brown tells the dispatcher that he did have a gun but does not have one on him, the recording indicates. As he continues talking with the dispatcher, sirens can be heard, and the dispatcher tells Mr. Brown to “hold your hands up.”

In the body-camera footage, the responding deputy gets out of his car and begins shouting at Mr. Brown in the middle of a dark road illuminated by the flashing blue lights of his patrol car: “Show me your hands now! Show me your hands! Drop the gun!”

The footage mostly shows the ground and part of the deputy’s car. It does not show Mr. Brown being shot.

After the shooting, the deputy gave medical aid to Mr. Brown, according to the sheriff. On the 911 call, the deputy can be heard telling Mr. Brown’s brother to grab a medical kit in his patrol car.

“Stay with me,” the deputy tells Mr. Brown. “Stay with me.”

“Does he still have the house phone?” Mr. Brown’s brother asks in the 911 recording.

Homemade glue for crafts and projects

Inhale Peace; Exhale Love. Joy will Follow! - RUELHA

It’s been way too long I posted something in my ‘home’ category. This draft has been with me for almost two years now. And all I had completed was the title! So, it’s just as good as writing a new article. But, I’ve got 375 drafts as of now, most of which are poems that I need to complete and work on, phew! So, instead of writing new posts, let me try to clean my drafts.

I want to dedicate this article to my mum whose birthday we will be celebrating in a month. She worked really hard all through her life. She juggled with us and her career, a full-time job and showed us the importance of balance and what a modern woman’s outlook and priorities must be like. So, amidst the craziness of everyday life, she made us glue every single time. We never really purchased glue …like…

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Texas hospital system first to require all employees get COVID-19 vaccine | TheHill

A Texas hospital system is the first in the nation to issue a COVID-19 vaccine mandate for staff, according to CBS News.

Houston Methodist hospital system, which includes a medical center and six community hospitals, has alerted its staff that they have until June 7 to get vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Managerial staff were required to meet an earlier deadline of April 15.

Should staff refuse, they risk getting fired.

The hospital center previously stated that the vaccine was optional for staff, but offered $500 bonuses to those who opted to do so. They later moved to a non-voluntary policy.

At least two of the complex’s 1,200 workers who hold managerial positions opted to leave over the mandate. As of Friday, 89 percent of employees had complied, however.

Source: Texas hospital system first to require all employees get COVID-19 vaccine | TheHill

Australiens bedrohte Naturwunder

For me, one of the most beautiful and interesting areas of Australia is the southwest coast in the state of Victoria. It impresses with an incredible variety of landscapes, including the Great Ocean Road with the striking limestone cliffs of the “Twelve Apostles”. From rainforests and rivers to ancient volcanoes and rugged coastlines – the Great Ocean Road shows nature from its most varied sides.

Senioren um die Welt

Zu den schönsten und interessantesten Gebieten Australiens gehört für mich die südwestliche Küste im Bundesstaat Victoria. Sie beeindruckt mit einer unglaublichen Landschaftsvielfalt, zu der auch die Great Ocean Road mit den markanten Kalksteinfelsen der “Twelve Apostles” gehört. Von Regenwäldern und Flüssen bis hin zu alten Vulkanen und rauen Küsten – die Great Ocean Road zeigt die Natur von ihren unterschiedlichsten Seiten.

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Secrets of a tree whisperer: ‘They get along, they listen – they’re attuned’ | Trees and forests | The Guardian

One of Simard’s most thrilling beliefs is that trees can recognise us. “Trees perceive many things. They know when they’re infected and have an instantaneous biochemical response. When we manipulate trees, they respond.” Would she go as far as to suggest a tree can feel pain or grief? “I don’t know. Trees don’t have a brain, but the network in the soil is a neural network and the chemicals that move through it are the same as our neural transmitters.” She is currently collaborating on research to see whether trees can distinguish us as humans.

Source: Secrets of a tree whisperer: ‘They get along, they listen – they’re attuned’ | Trees and forests | The Guardian

The Endless Sunset

A Voice from Iran

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The field was singing the coldest wind through our souls. Many kids were burning with fever. Some of us fell and slept in the middle of that area forever. We were holding our coughs, trying not to make any noise while passing through this open meadow when one of the older adults couldn’t take it and started to cough. Breathing heavy, he fell to the ground. All of us started running. In a second…

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