Let’s Spread our Sparkles!

Here is a poem about letting out our inner sparkles! (And today is my birthday!🎂)

Let’s spread our sparkles
Wherever we are
Like the effulgent moon
And the scintillating star

The world isn’t fair
It doesn’t always listen
But let us be grateful
For the life we’re given

The daunting diseases
The cataclysmic wars
Take hundreds of lives
But we still have ours

The ability to wake up
The opportunity to live,
To start another day with
The power to dream big

It’s easy to hate,
To be a scoundrel and a snide
Let’s retrieve the kindness
Found deep inside

Let’s flash our lights
When it’s so dark
For it’s time for us
To ignite our spark

The anger we spew
The fears we feel
The problems around us
Only love can heal

We refuse to be kind
And unfurl love along the way
But when we open our eyes…

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