Leopard On The Terrace

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At 3:00 AM every morning Gopal Gaitonde would diligently answer to natures call. He believed the nocturnal hour was the ultimate to empty one’s internals of faecal waste. On missing this specific moment, his bowels would go bonkers for the rest of the day. Failing the sacred potty hour meant a day of total commotion for Gopal, one could say.

Gaitonde was a security guard at the Govardhan Vatika Housing Complex, a massive gated apartment community in the western suburbs of Mumbai city, located right on the edge of the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, better known as the SGNP among the locals of the region.

The reserve forest shared its borders with the Tungareshwar Wildlife Sanctuary in Palghar district and Yeoor Range in Thane district of the Maharashtra state. Spread across an area of 103 square kilometres and sandwiched between the eastern and western suburbs of the Mumbai metropolitan covering…

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    1. This week I could not write due to too much pressure at work along with the surmounting COVID crisis in India. The situation all around is very grim. I shall write from Monday, and next week I am sure I will be able to publish a story, if God wills.

    2. Stay safe – Not just Northern India – Chennai also maxing out its hospitals. Only part of India I have visited along with Bengaluru and know people.

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