Tomorrow Rising


Yesterday was so different
before the virus arrived
a shock pressing us to put
petty differences aside

Yesterday sweet memories
no Nova Scotia killing spree
few horrors we have seen
yesterday near blemish free

Finding our way through
or finding our way back
old roads all leading wrong
we must lay a better track

A trail of love and only love
of peace and kindness for good
no more hating on unknowns
in ways only fearful would

We say we want no fear
we preach only love and light
yet we ignore those on social media
as if they transmit blight

What if reaching out
was all we ever had to do
to leave one softly kissed
by the essence that is you

We say we want no hurt
then rush to stock up arms
eyes shrouded over in wool
or worship of false charms

There is no merit in…

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