Earth Day with the birds

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Earth Day is tomorrow – Thursday, April 22. I am planning to spend part of it (virtually) with birds. No doubt, the birds in our garden may make an appearance or voice their thoughts on the state of our Planet. The Jamaican Woodpecker, for example, with his overly loud, imperious screech (I feel I want to tell him to turn the volume down). The White-chinned Thrush is very much engaged with his rather melodious “hooray, it’s the breeding season” song these days, with little pauses in between each phrase. The White-winged Doves and the White-crowned Pigeon will give us a selection of throaty hoots and coos and, in the case of the latter, a wonderful sound like a growl.

One of our Jamaican Woodpeckers on his favorite perch – a tilting wooden light pole that is scheduled to be replaced! The Jamaican Woodpecker is an endemic bird – that is…

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