9 Things that makes me feel better.

Exhortations With Shazzy

There are days when I feel down with a sense of hopelessness not knowing how to cope.

I have learnt to snap out of those feelings quickly as I’ve found remedies to deal with them.
If you still struggle to get up when you feel down, you can try my remedies, hope they be of help to you.

A call from a friend or family
I’ve always taken it for granted but a sweet random call or text from my loved ones puts a huge smile on my face and helps me to remember that there are people who genuinely loves me. What I truly love about my cycle is that they never want to gossip about anyone, the conversations are real and that just changes my mood altogether.

Reading blogs and books
I am naturally a bookworm, I just haven’t reviewed most of the books which I’ve read but…

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