Gopi And The Tank

Weekend Stories by Trishikh

Gopi Chand emerged from the pitch dark bowels of one of the four compartments of the world’s largest elevated steel drinking water tank, at a height of 110 feet from the ground level. His livelihood could be easily featured in the ‘World’s scariest jobs’ list, however, hardly any of the 10.5 million people whose lives were directly affected by his profession knew about his existence in the hustling-bustling metropolis of Kolkata in the West Bengal state of the Indian subcontinent.

Gopi was proud of his livelihood, a job that he had inherited from his father four decades ago in 1980 when he was twenty years of age. Now in the year 2020, he was just a few months shy of retirement.

His employers the ‘Kolkata Municipal Corporation’ or the KMC priorly known as the ‘Calcutta Municipal Corporation’ or the CMC, had not been able to find a replacement for him…

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