India’s COVID-19 surge intensifies | CIDRAP

Health officials have warned that hospitals in New Delhi could run out of oxygen by tomorrow, and as cases surge to unprecedented levels in the world’s second most populous country, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi today addressed the nation. He said the oxygen demand is felt in many parts of the country, and federal, state, and private groups are working to bolster the supply, according to the Times of India.

Modi also said efforts are underway to increase hospital bed capacity, with large dedicated COVID-19 facilities under construction in some cities. However, he urged India’s states to only consider lockdowns as a last resort and opt for establishing “micro containment zones.”

In other steps, the government opened vaccination to all people older than 18 and is taking steps to increase the vaccine supply by waiving import fees, according to Reuters.

Indian experts have said a combination of social mixing, relaxed measures, and more transmissible variants—including B1617, first seen in India—are fueling the country’s massive second surge. Political rallies in some states and a large Hindu religious gathering on the banks of the Ganges River in the city of Hardiwar are also playing a role in virus spread, and the Modi’s political party announced it will no longer hold large rallies in West Bengal state and will cap attendance at 500, according to CNN.

Source: India’s COVID-19 surge intensifies | CIDRAP

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  1. The pm has addressed the nation yesterday. People above 18 years will administered vaccine from May 1. ₹4500 crore has been given to the vaccine manufacturers in India. Till now 12 crore or 100 million doses of the vaccine has been administered. The situation is worse at moment yes but I’m glad the government has reacted positively.

    1. Understand – our government did nothing for almost a year and errors have been made in trying to catch up. I don’t think most in US even knew how US, India and world need to work together on global health.

    2. That is true Ned. Politicians need to keep their petty politics aside for the greater good. If there are no people left who will vote for them in the elections?

    3. Donald did it for ventilators. Joe is keeping his promise to vaccinate 10 million people in 15 days. I’m happy that they are doing more than that every day.

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