How safe is your smartphone? Can your smartphone blast?

Beyond The Lines

The Smartphones that you and almost everyone on this earth uses is made up of around 30 elements, including gold, silver and copper for wiring and lithium and cobalt in the battery.

The bright colours of the display are produced by elements like silicon, oxygen and potassium including small amounts of rare earth elements like dysprosium yttrium and terbium which are also used to vibrate your phone.

In the last few years you must have read or seen cases where an idle phone, in-use phone or charging phone catches fire or blasts (as if magic) and people have died. Well it’s not magic at all! A phone may catch fire or blast for a plethora of reasons, but before we jump into the reasons check out this list below.

Top 6 smartphones that have caught fire or blasted in recent years :-

Phone – Redmi Note 4 Source – bgr

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