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Astrologie - Signe Scorpion | Scorpio

Some famous personalities born under the astrological sign of Scorpio: André Malraux, Pablo Picasso, Prince Charles, Indira Gandhi, Leonardo DiCaprio for Scorpio men. And for women born under this sign: Sophie Marceau, Julia Roberts, Virginie Ledoyen, Annie Girardot, Grace Kelly, Demi Moore, Amanda Lear. The element of the Scorpio astrological sign is water. Its colors are black, red and purple. The minerals of Scorpio are topaz and malachite. His favorite numbers are 9 and 18. His lucky numbers are 2 and 44. Tuesday is the auspicious day of the week for him. Professionally, Scorpio is a person who easily adapts to any profession, especially in the field of psychology. The planet that dominates its sign is Pluto.

Source: Astrologie – Signe Scorpion | Scorpio – VOYAGE ONIRIQUE