Will there be another lockdown in India?

You see, lockdown may protect them from the virus but if people don’t have money, they don’t have jobs to support their livelihood then they may not die from the pandemic but from starvation. So governments must address the needs of the most affected class if another lockdown is to be imposed.

Beyond The Lines

In a country like India imposing another countrywide lockdown is highly unlikely but states may impose statewide limitations depending on the total number of infected people in that state. For ex – Delhi has been put under lockdown for a week i.e. from 19th April, 2021 to 26th April, 2021.

“Lockdown is a term coined for the developed countries!”

Strict lockdowns in countries where a significant share of the population is poor are likely to have more severe consequences on welfare than in richer countries.

Source – foreginpolicy

Are lockdowns a sustainable model for the developing countries?

No, they are not. Here I would like to point out the example of India. Last year a lockdown was imposed by the government of India in March. It surely provided motivating results as far as curbing the transmission was concerned but millions lost their jobs overnight.

Few days in most of the…

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