Tarachand And The Trembling Tracks

Weekend Stories by Trishikh

Tarachand turned over in his wobbly charpoy. The rickety bamboo bed meshed with handmade jute cord was just strong enough to support his enormous frame, however, it squeaked in protest with every twist and turn that the slumbering hulk made.

At seven-and-a-half feet of stature, the sleeping man’s arms and legs jutted well beyond the confines of the cot on which he lay. Deep in his sleep, he would occasionally place his palm flat on the floor to feel the ground rumble.

The giant had mastered the art of detecting an approaching train just by feeling the floor even in his sleep many miles before the locomotive passed by his ten-by-ten residential quarter cum office provided by the railways, the only dwelling in this wild and remote part of the Chapramari forest in the northeastern confines of India’s West Bengal state.

With the first faint vibration of the approaching locomotive…

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