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Movie |  Movie - Bagdad Café

I wanted to introduce you to a Movie that I loved to see in cinema and on DVD : BAGDAD CAFE . A moving, upsetting and fascinating film. A beautiful story of friendship, both moving, exciting, full of humanism and tolerance. A magnificent Movie and a masterpiece .

I really liked this film, which particularly touched me a lot and moved me. So I bought the film in DVD. That’s why it has a place of honor on my blog (category “my films” ). My favorite movie. Also, a very beautiful film that I recommend you. A Movie to see and to have in your DVD library :


Synopsis : Following an argument with her husband, Jasmin, a woman of Bavarian origin, lands in a small seedy hotel located between Las Vegas and DisneyLand: the Bagdad Café. The place, run by Brenda, a boisterous and surly young woman, is a haunt of truck drivers and fanciful characters. It is under these conditions that an extraordinary friendship will be born between Jasmin and Brenda, two personalities however diametrically opposed …

After a violent argument, Jasmin, a German tourist on vacation in the United States, is abandoned by her husband in the middle of the Mojave desert. She finds refuge in the Bagdad Café, a dilapidated motel. As soon as she arrives, she is badly received by the boss, Brenda, but as time goes by, the ice breaks between the two women. Jasmin will also meet Sal Junior, a romantic painter who fascinates her. 

Film | Movie – Bagdad Café

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