Jamaican leaders, citizens must “act firmly” on violence against women – enough talk

This is one deeply disconcerting case, since it involves a public servant. However, the global case against the epidemic of gender-based violence – a pandemic – is never closed. I hope our political leaders realize that this is much bigger than the evasive, elusive Member of Parliament and his political future (which frankly I could not care less about). There are also legal and constitutional issues. But I hope that the matter will not be just wished away. For a long time now (and in particular, in this early part of 2021) the issue of violence against women has been as topical and high profile as the COVID pandemic itself – especially after at least two highly publicized femicides (and several others, this year) have deepened the malaise. There are many examples from our not too distant past, also.

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Case closed.

The Jamaica Constabulary Force put out a statement on Friday (April 16th) that it cannot continue investigations into a violent episode that took place in a parking lot ten days earlier, because the two people involved (a man and a woman) are not willing to press complaints. Also, the JCF said, the quality of the video was poor – although all relevant parties seem to have identified the alleged perpetrator (seen in a video beating Ms. Tannisha Singh with a stool) as businessman and “embattled” Member of Parliament, George Wright. Mr. Wright has not been charged.

Mr. Wright has not been particularly cooperative at any stage, but eventually met with the Chairman of the Jamaica Labour Party Horace Chang at party headquarters. Their disciplinary committee is now looking into it, and meanwhile Mr. Wright is on leave (I believe, sort of). Other party members (including several women elected…

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