Tape Art 1995 – Oklahoma City Bombing

Hope (1995)Hope
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Tape Art Crew: Struan Ashby, Erica Duthie, Michael Townsend

In the spring of 1995 we were at an arts festival in OKC when the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building was bombed. The arts festival was cancelled, but we remained in the city.

We drew in the hospital rooms of children pulled from the blast site and drew themes of recovery with students in elementary schools that were close enough to the explosion that their windows had blown out.

Source: Tape Art 1995

Oklahoma City Bombing ~ #WeRemember — By Hook Or By Book

Twenty-six years ago today, one of the worst U.S. domestic terrorist attacks took place with the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Building in Oklahoma City. 168 innocents died that day. Included among those lost were 19 children. The perpetrators of this heinous act were radicalized by antigovernment propaganda, much like what certain domestic extremist […]

Oklahoma City Bombing ~ #WeRemember — By Hook Or By Book

HBCUs in Atlanta to Require Students Be Fully Vaccinated

As access to the coronavirus vaccine increases nationwide, colleges and universities have grappled with whether they should mandate students be fully vaccinated before they return to campus. A group of HBCUs in Atlanta announced on Monday that all students who intend to return to on-campus learning must be fully vaccinated. AJC reports that The Atlanta University Center—which consists of Clark Atlanta University, Morehouse College, Morehouse School of Medicine, and Spelman College—issued a joint statement requiring all students, staff, and faculty to be fully vaccinated if they intend to return to on-campus learning for the next semester.

Source: HBCUs in Atlanta to Require Students Be Fully Vaccinated

محمود درويش شاعر المقاومة

Mahmoud Darwish started with poetry when he was young in the elementary stage and his conscience was formed through awareness of his reality as a refugee and the issue of his occupied homeland. Arabic, with the development of his poetic style, he used multiple poetic connotations and various topics such as religion, history, myth and civilization. In Paris, the tone of his ideological poetic speech directed towards the Arab cause changed, and he was more interested in human and spiritual issues. He won some poetry prizes such as the 1980 Mediterranean Prize and the 1997 Literature Prize from the French

حلم الدرويش

محمود درويش هو أشهر شعراء فلسطين وأحد أهم الشعراء العرب فى العصر الحديث , وأرتبط شعره بالقضية الفلسطينية والمقاومة العربية , كما ساهم فى تطوير الشعر العربى وإدخال الرمزية كأداة هامة للتعبير عن قضايا سياسية وإنسانية .

حياة محمود درويش :

ولد محمود درويش عام 1941م فى قرية البروة على جبل الجليل قرب ساحل عكا , أتم تعليمه الأبتدائى فى قرية دير الأسد ثم فر مع أسرته ضمن اللاجئين الفلسطينيين عام 1947 إلى لبنان لكنه عاد متسللا مع أسرته بعدها بعامين إلى فلسطين , كانت الصدمة عندما وجد قريته مهدمة تماما وقد أقيمت على أنقاضها قرية أحيهود الإسرائيلية فأنتقل إلى دير الأسد كلاجىء ولم يحصل على بطاقة إقامة بسهولة لأنه أعتبر لاجىء غير شرعى, أنتقل إلى قرية الجديدة حيث أمتلكت الأسرة مسكنا وأنهى دراسته الثانوية فى مدرسة كفر ياسين , أنضم بعدها للحزب الشيوعى الإسرائيلى وعمل فى الصحافة كمحرر ومترجم وترقى حتى وصل لرئيس تحرير واشترك فى تحرير جريدة الفجر…

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Yale requiring coronavirus vaccines for students to return | TheHill

Yale University in New Haven, Conn., will require students to be vaccinated against COVID-19 before returning for in-person classes, the school said Monday. In a letter to students and community members on Monday obtained by The Hill, the university’s president and provost stressed that students with religious objections would be exempt from the rule and added that the university would provide shots for those who were unable to be vaccinated over the spring or summer. “There is abundant evidence of the vaccines’ effectiveness and growing confidence that vaccines will be widely available by early summer,” read the letter.

Source: Yale requiring coronavirus vaccines for students to return | TheHill

CNN producer asked if she speaks English during arrest in Minnesota, lawyer says | TheHill

Once taken to the country jail, Sung was “patted down and searched by a female officer who put her hands down Sung’s pants and in her bra, fingerprinted, electronically body-scanned, and ordered to strip and put on an orange uniform before attorneys working on her behalf were able to locate her and secure her release, a process that took more than two hours,” Walker’s letter states.

Walz said on Saturday that he respects journalists’ right to cover protests freely without fear of arrest or intimidation.

“A free press is foundational to our democracy. Reporters worked tirelessly during this tumultuous year to keep Minnesotans informed,” he said in a tweet. “I convened a meeting today with media and law enforcement to determine a better path forward to protect the journalists covering civil unrest.”

In a separate tweet, Walz said he had “directed our law enforcement partners to make changes that will help ensure journalists do not face barriers to doing their jobs.”

News of Sung’s alleged treatment was met with widespread condemnation from journalists at CNN and elsewhere across the media and political landscape over the weekend.

Source: CNN producer asked if she speaks English during arrest in Minnesota, lawyer says | TheHill