A photo which attracted me to draw!!

Soni's thoughts

Hola my amazing buddies, how are you doing today guys… Today i want to share with you all one of my art piece which i got inspired and attracted to draw by seeing one of Amber‘s blog post photo days ago… I got the will to draw it anyhow and with Ambers permission i indeed gave it a try!! And you wont believe guys i did not have to erase the art, i just started it and ended it without any break and erasing or any such… Dont know how so much zeal came, and i was quite happy with my final art piece after drawing for around 1+hrs!!! So thank you so much diosraw0.wordpress.comAmber for allowing me to draw one of photo you used in your blog post, indeed it boosted my mood alot and felt satisfaction💖💖💖💖💖 so pals i would share both reference and my art…

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