White, Old Men in Charge of My Future

resist we must… make progress despite them, we must…

Politically Poetic

White, old men in charge of my future.
Relentlessly they resist the truth.
Spread the fear and grand old party cheer,
Corruption and deception they choose.
White, old, privileged men in charge of my future.
Increase the fear that single mothers on welfare,
That gays and immigrants
and those that dare to stand up to them - are poison for the state.
Defending power, defending wealth
Defending lies that protects them
Compromising their own credo.
The only grand that they possess is their ego.
White, old, privileged man in charge of my future.
Spread hopelessness and perturbation.
Set themselves to be in control.
Repeatedly applying pressure and make me believe I play no role.
White, old man dictates my future,
Just a step away from their graves.
They pass the laws I must obey.

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