Alphabet soup for the soul – “P”

Words from Walden

P is for Physiology

Lets play a game.

Imagine if you will in your mind’s eye that you are holding a bright shiny lemon. First feel the softness of the lemon that gives a little when you squeeze it tight (not too tight).

Next, notice the waxy skin on the outer layer and the unmistakable scent of the uncut lemon.

Now place it down on a cutting board and grab a big sharp knife.

First cut the lemon in half and then into smaller wedges like you when added to a glass of water.

Finally, pick up one of the wedges and bite into it.

What does it taste like? Did your mouth water or maybe your eyes squinted at the taste?

You just changed the physiology of your body by thought. What you think literally affects your body.

If your body can produce that kind of a change just…

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