7 Tips for healthy heart ♥️



7 Tips for healthy heart ♥️(life-line)

“Prevention is better than cure,but now the new philosophy is prevention is the only cure”

Coronary artery disease (CAD; Ischemic heart disease,IHD)
It’s impairment of the function of the heart ♥️ due to inadequate and insufficient blood supply to the heart.
Various clinical features of CAD are

  • chest pain or also known as anginal pain during work or at rest.
  • Myocardial infarction or heart attack in layman terms.
  • Irregularities in heart beat
  • cardiac failure or heart failure or cardiac arrest.

It’s “Modern epidemic” and today it’s trend is increasing in World.
There are scientific seven tips to increase efficiency of your heart

  1. Regular exercise (walking or any light exercise) increases the concentration of HDL(high density lipoprotein) which is cardio-protective and decreases both body weight and blood pressure which is beneficial to cardiovascular health.
  2. Pranayama (deep breathing exercise), Meditation would help to control and…

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