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Derinchiwas your everyday midget – the but-end of ‘short’ jokes. A daily dose of entertainment for the village bullies. Growing up with short stature, the dwarf had learnt to live a life of indifference and mockery. Take his name for instance -Der-inchi,which meant one-and-a-half-inch in the native tongue, was enough to add fuel to the constant misery in his ‘minuscule’ existence.

His small and obscure villageGhuti, a tiny dot in the foothills of Eastern Himalayas, was cut off from the rest of humanity by the 315 Km long and mightyTeestariver. Connectivity was also missing in terms of telephone or internet, which were pretty rare for the surrounding geography in the early eighties.

The only thing that connected this pristine and secluded hamlet to the rest of the world was a two-hundred-foot-long, meter wide, pinewood planked, steel cable anchored, swaying suspension bridge. This marvel…

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