The Sack of Wheat|کیسه گندم

A Voice from Iran

“187th story”

Once upon a time, There was a very poor old man who passed life so hard. His son and daughter were sick, and the poverty didn’t allow him to take them to a doctor.

He didn’t even have money for a portion of proper food for his children. They had ripped clothes and not a very warm place to sleep. His job was to walk around the bazaar and beg for money to buy a piece of bread and take it home to feed them.

Every night he came home tired with a broken heart. He was so ashamed and couldn’t face his children. One of the days, no one gave him even a penny. He walked from alleys to bazaars, but still no luck for a piece of bread.

He couldn’t go home empty-handed; he was tired and disgraceful. He decided to go to the miller and…

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