Donali – The Shotgun Of Haider Ali

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In 1904 in the city of Defiance in the state of Ohio in the East North Central region of the Midwestern United States, Daniel Myron Lefever and his sons Charles, Frank, and George crafted some of the best shotguns ever made. Almost one-hundred years later in the year 2000, one of those original guns, a riffled-bore double-barrel, hung on a grey stone wall in a small quarter inside the Fort of Munger. The ancient, ruined fort sat on a rocky hillock on the south bank of the river Ganges in the state of Bihar in India, twelve thousand five hundred kilometres away from Defiance where the gun was first made.

Some say that the shotgun tamed the American wild west. In the hands of soldiers, farmers, family men, guards, bandits, hunters, and sportsmen, it is perhaps the most widely used weapon in human history, which traversed the frontiers of Old…

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  1. Thank you Ned for reblogging this very special story of mine. It is very close to my heart and one of my favourites.

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