Tips for stress free life.


A man asked the saint “I want Happiness”, the saint replied First remove I, that is “Ego”, then remove want, that is “desires”, then you are left with only Happiness. (You may also like


Some of the transformational and crucial tips for stress management in today’s life are

-Time Management, Proper planning and Programming

-Do not compare yourself and your situation with others because comparing yourself with others is the biggest mistake. Because everyone situation and circumstances are unique.

-Prioritize by Organizing, Streamlining, Economizing and Contributing its acronym for POSEC

-Do regular physical exercise and participate in sports, Spending time with nature, Meditation, Pranayam and Asan on daily basis.

-Change is the rule of life and Try to accept changes.

-don’t try to have control over the situations, circumstances and persons around you.

– To forgive and forget people who insult you or harm us.

-Develop some hobbies-Keep…

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