Thoughts on the Anthropocene in the time of COVID

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The weekend was quiet, with no noise or distractions. It was “lockdown time.”

I had time to think. To think about the terrible things we humans have been doing, are doing – and worse still, intend to continue doing – to the Planet. We are living with the pandemic we created.

Earth Day (April 22) is just round the corner. It used to be a fairly hopeful, optimistic experience: “Look at all this global activity! We’re doing something for the Earth!” For the past few years it has had a different aura for me: a mixture of sadness and bitterness (a “what might have been” feeling). And a touch of weariness.

I have no problem with getting emotional about Mother Earth. We are the Earth; it is us. So if we cannot feel it, very deeply, in our hearts (to me, it feels more like the pit of my stomach)…

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