I’m Addicted


When I was introduced to you, I really didn't back then knew. How insanely crazy I'd become, Without caring about anyone. It started small. Felt better than alcohol. Happiness in my veins. Life will never be the same. That same feeling, I began to crave. Knowing it was taking me to my grave. I could see myself falling. For a whiff, I'd come to you crawling. I began with such small doses. Yet quickly without any notice. You were flowing in my veins. Triggering dopamine in my brains. I went about my daily chores. At home and even outdoors. But every second I craved for you. Seeking you in every avenue. How did I lose myself? Fall to the floor from my bookshelf. I was so much more. Life left to explore. But now, all I do. Is wait for you. To inject and feel. Even joy in a meal…

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