Virginia Cop Who Pepper-Sprayed Black Lieutenant Finally Fired

What Black America wants is simple. We want those with the guns to be more cautious and sensible with our lives. We want the rules not to bend to whiteness when they fuck up. We want motherfuckers to stop being so fucking racist. We want our lives to matter.

During the stop a puzzled Nazario asks the officers “What’s going on?”

“What’s going on is you’re fixing to ride the lightning, son,” one officer yells back.

You can’t make sense of crazy, it will only make you lose your mind.

Source: Virginia Cop Who Pepper-Sprayed Black Lieutenant Finally Fired

Paolo Uccello e o proto Renascimento


Paolo di Dono di Paolo mais conhecido como Paolo Uccello, nasceu no ano de 1397, e foi um artista do movimento artístico do primeiro Renascimento. Uccello aperfeiçoou as técnicas de perspectiva além de ter estudado matemática para aplicar nas técnicas de pintura, principalmente na perspectiva geométrica. Paolo Uccello foi uma grande influência para pintores renascentistas no início dessa corrente artística. Ele conheceu outros artistas importantes como Donatello.

O artista faz parte do Quattrocento, um período conhecido como sendo o primeiro do Renascimento. Paolo Uccello, sua mãe era uma florentina bem nascida. Uccello participou do estúdio de Lorenzo Ghiberti, um artista do começou do renascimento. Lorenzo foi um grande escultor de metais, tendo como uma de suas obras primas um entalhe em ouro conhecido pelo nome de Portões do Paraíso:

Imagem: Wikipedia (Ricardo André Frantz)

Esses entalhes em ouro podem ser colocados no período artístico do gótico tardio. As obras…

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Thoughts on the Anthropocene in the time of COVID

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The weekend was quiet, with no noise or distractions. It was “lockdown time.”

I had time to think. To think about the terrible things we humans have been doing, are doing – and worse still, intend to continue doing – to the Planet. We are living with the pandemic we created.

Earth Day (April 22) is just round the corner. It used to be a fairly hopeful, optimistic experience: “Look at all this global activity! We’re doing something for the Earth!” For the past few years it has had a different aura for me: a mixture of sadness and bitterness (a “what might have been” feeling). And a touch of weariness.

I have no problem with getting emotional about Mother Earth. We are the Earth; it is us. So if we cannot feel it, very deeply, in our hearts (to me, it feels more like the pit of my stomach)…

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Ohio reports highest number of hospitalized COVID patients in 2 weeks (Me: nearly over? Not hardly! mask, space, vaccinate)

Ohio reported 1,236 hospitalized coronavirus patients, the highest number in at least two weeks, on Monday, according to the Ohio Department of Health.

It’s the 12th consecutive day that more than 1,000 COVID patients were hospitalized in the state.

Source: Ohio reports highest number of hospitalized COVID patients in 2 weeks

Tips for stress free life.


A man asked the saint “I want Happiness”, the saint replied First remove I, that is “Ego”, then remove want, that is “desires”, then you are left with only Happiness. (You may also like


Some of the transformational and crucial tips for stress management in today’s life are

-Time Management, Proper planning and Programming

-Do not compare yourself and your situation with others because comparing yourself with others is the biggest mistake. Because everyone situation and circumstances are unique.

-Prioritize by Organizing, Streamlining, Economizing and Contributing its acronym for POSEC

-Do regular physical exercise and participate in sports, Spending time with nature, Meditation, Pranayam and Asan on daily basis.

-Change is the rule of life and Try to accept changes.

-don’t try to have control over the situations, circumstances and persons around you.

– To forgive and forget people who insult you or harm us.

-Develop some hobbies-Keep…

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