Recipe : Mixed Vegetable Makhani

Inhale Peace; Exhale Love. Joy will Follow! - RUELHA

If you ever visited my house, you’ll know I always have a huge inventory list on my fridge. There are multiple categories and all very well organized. They are updated immediately as per use and I erase my board every month to make space for new lists. I keep a careful watch on my ‘perishables’ section and the ‘about to expire’ list. I have not had to discard anything for ages because of this system that I religiously follow. Maybe someday, I’ll show you my lists. I just cannot bear food being wasted. A million people starve and die of malnourishment daily. I have immense respect for food and much of my menus and meal plans are solely dependent upon my pantry stock. It’s a simple calculation – what do I need to finish up now? I had a few carrots that were beginning to lose their crunch and bell…

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