My Rain Song


I was born with Spring in my veins.
Oceans and seas breathed their salt into me 
Giving my soul the sunshine
An orchid breath tinted cerise
A touch of water on my forehead
Letting my spirit roam emerald trees
Where winds played the violin as my song wandered, chasing the heartbeat of imagination...reaching me through clouds redolent with awakening blooms as they cradled diamond dew in their inflorescence.

My sky became gold to the rain song's melody electrifying sapphire rhapsody of silken raindrops rippling pitter patter like shooting stars finding their place on earth.

Blooms flame roseate
In the Abalone curve of horizon, I carve eternal lines 
My ink becomes stardust

The immortality of poetry--
A map of words
Connecting our pulse.

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