🍝Veg Noodles Recipe’s – My First Recipe.😉🍝🍝


Today’s topic on :- Vegan recipe’s + Foodie + First-time + Kitchen + For Friends.

Hi friend’s today’s topic is interesting because its related to the food / foodie hahaha.. and vegan recipe’s with enjoyments in the kitchen. it’s slightly fun post for me hahahaha. you know my Mom agree for this. I said Mom don’t come here for an hour[ kitchen] because i want to make and I’m going to make noodles differently… What yeah i will it’s interesting for me and after a few minute’s. Okay that’s it that’s it, you can do that. Mom….[ thank you ] Okay… Lets start…

My first recipe is dedicated to my friends and You.

So, friends today’s Veg Noodles Recipe’s:– Firstly we can starting with noodle step means the noodles must be coated with little oil after they are boiled and drained. This really helps in preventing the stickiness.

Ingredients: –

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