Recipe : Dal Tadka


Dal is a staple in most Indian homes. It is comfort food for most people here. I have experimented almost a million times in the quest to perfect this recipe. And I believe, I stand tall with the head of Goliath atop the zenith of culinary conquests as far as this humble dish is concerned. I have tried all complex methods including blending different varieties of dals{lentils} in varying proportions with spices and even smoked them with charcoal etc. But eventually, I bowed down to the hand that rocked the cradle. I realized all the complex procedures couldn’t compete with the simple-yet-delicious prize winner ‘Maa Ke Haath Ka’. As the saying goes, ‘mom knows best’. This is how my mum has been preparing dal since time immemorial and after savouring and experimenting with hundreds of ways, this is by far the best, most efficient, easy, simple and most importantly, ‘tastiest’…

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