House Of The Living Dolls

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There is a house near the Shovabazar jetty on the banks of the mighty river Ganges, in the postcolonial city of Kolkata in India’s West Bengal state. Once it was a beauty to behold, a mansion of breathtaking artistry, a marvellous reflection of the Roman architectural style. A spectacle of wealth and power of the Bengali Babus, who profited by serving the oppressive British colonisers of the time.

Long gone are the mansions glorious days, long gone are the Babus. Now what remains is a dilapidated two-hundred-year-old haunted house, partially occupied and partly abandoned, with a reputation of unearthly terror from within its crumbling walls. They call it the ‘House Of The Living Dolls.’

Many have said with great confidence that the house is haunted. It is considered as one of the topmost scary places in an otherwise vibrant cityscape. People claim that a very eery and chilling…

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